• Working agile: Journey of building an agile team

    December 2, 2016
    For a scrum master introducing or implementing agile in a team, should be a balance between implementing concepts and practices at a pace that does not overwhelm the team and demonstrating the benefits as early as possible to build momentum and motivate the team to do even more. Moreover, S/he shoul...
  • “Agile Works”. Well, prove it!

    November 25, 2016
    Over the last few years I have been getting more and more fed up with some so-called Agile evangelists. Somehow making an Agile organization is the magic to curing all problems. Agile is so great that it seems to be a goal in and of itself. Let me put it bluntly: I think that is […]...
  • Proving Agile actually works (hint: you need to measure)

    October 31, 2016
    As I wrote before, Agile needs to prove its worth just like any other business improvement effort. However, that is easily said and harder to actually implement. What does it mean that it “works”, that there are “actual benefits”? This is a hard question to answer, however, I will give it a ...